Layers of History, Perception & Change
October 7th – 28th

Darcie Goldberg, Ellie Byrom-Haley, Ben Richardson, Steve Adams and Tracy Colletto Adams

Cuba is a land that has for so long been shrouded by controversy and contradiction, separating myth from the reality of Cuban daily life is all but impossible for the vast majority of Americans who have never set foot in the country. Decades of U.S. anti-communism propaganda and the complete cut-off from a people mere miles from our mainland have resulted in feelings ranging from curiosity and compassion to guilt and trepidation. For the artists behind Cuba – It’s Complicated, it was no different. However, thanks to a cultural exchange program, these five renowned members of the Chester County arts community were able to experience Cuba for themselves, and sharing their discoveries has become a passion that is on full display in “Cuba – It’s Complicated: Layers of History, Perception & Change.”

The more than 250 striking photos and works of art featured in Cuba – It’s Complicated together create a collective portrait of Cuban life spanning three years of travel and collaborative effort by artists who have come to know Cuba past its surface, to its cultural core. The pieces reflect perspectives of Cuba that have evolved over their multiple explorative journeys throughout the country, and each artist brings his or her own unique frame of reference, perceptions, impressions, and artistic area of focus to their work to provide a rare glimpse in to a country as surprising as it is misunderstood.

The artists behind Cuba – It’s Complicated find innovative ways to capture both the emblematic images of Cuba such as classic cars and tobacco leaves, as well as the decisive moments that truly convey daily Cuban life and culture, whether in the unhindered joy of a child’s street acrobatics or ubiquitous cell phone absorption where it’s least expected. As you immerse yourself in the color, texture and vibrancy of the country’s rich cultural landscape, consider the resiliency and creativity that allowed for Cuba to blossom amidst such prolonged hardship. The arts have nourished Cuba’s soul through 50 years of isolation, preserving their sense of optimism and passion for life despite daily challenges thrust upon them by forces outside of their control. Cuba – It’s Complicated captures the last moments of a nation on the brink of complete social and economic rejuvenation. Enjoy this visual journey through Cuba as it is now, caught so uniquely between its isolated past and global future.


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